Meeting on 3/19 @7pm: Presentation on "Digital Citizenship in the 21st Century."

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From the ptsa president

Mulch Madness!

The PTSA's annual mulch sale fundraiser benefits a few different groups: (1) Justice seniors, because the All-Night Graduation Party receives its funding from the proceeds of the sale; (2) Students from all grades, because it gives them volunteer hours and the opportunity to earn dollars for their Justice team/club and; (3) Parents, neighbors, and other community members because they have the opportunity to beautify their lawns with mulch delivered by hard-working Justice students. 

Place your order at the "STORE" tab by March 22, 2019. Mulch will be delivered on Saturday, April 6, 2019 (snow date: April 13, 2019). Bags are $5.50 per 3-cubic foot bag for brown mulch and per 2-cubic foot bag for red mulch. Delivery is free if ordering more than 30 bags and $25 if ordering less than 30 bags.

If you have any questions, please call, text, or email mulch sale coordinators Cathy Ford (703-869-4458) and Aubrey Lane (703-786-5715). Email:

Thank you very mulch!




All Justice HS parents, teachers, and students (regardless of PTSA membership) are welcome to attend PTSA meetings. Details for upcoming meetings are listed below. 

Meeting dates for 2019 (meetings are held from 7pm-8:30pm in the Justice HS library unless otherwise noted):

  • March 19th
  • April 9th (cafeteria)
  • May 21st
  • June 11th (cafeteria)

March 19th Agenda:


1.   Approve minutes from February 19th meeting 

2.   Presentation: Digital Citizenship in the 21st Century (Sarah Olson, School-Based Technology Specialist at Justice HS)

3.    Treasurer’s Monthly Report

4.    Proposal to increase Student Scholarship grants for June 2019

5.    Update on events

6.    Principal’s report 

7.    Other new business

8.    Announcements 

 Agenda de 19 de marzo:

1.    Aprovar los minutos de la reunion del 19 de febrero  

2.   Presentación: La ciudadanía digital en el siglo XXI (Sarah Olson, Especialista en     tecnología escolar, Justice High School)

3.   Informe mensual del Tesorero 

4.   Propuesta para aumentar las becas estudiantiles para junio de 2019.

5.   Actualizacion de eventos  

6.   Informe del Director 

7.   Otros negocios nuevos 

8.   Anuncios 

Jodi Callahan


Justice HS PTSA 




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