Next meeting: Tuesday, April 9th, at 7pm in JHS cafeteria.

Justice HS PTSA --We are one!

From the ptsa president

Thank you to all of the hard-working parents, students, staff, and community members who made the 2019 Mulch Sale a success. We sold almost 5,000 bags of mulch! Wow!

Special recognition goes to Mulch Sale coordinators Cathy Ford, Aubrey Lane, and Pete Marcotty, whose awesome and tireless efforts and skills enabled this fundraising event to succeed!  Great job!



All Justice HS parents, teachers, and students (regardless of PTSA membership) are welcome to attend PTSA meetings. Details for upcoming meetings are listed below. 


Date:     April 9, 2019

Time:     7:00pm-8:30pm

Place:    Justice High School Cafeteria


  1. Approve minutes from March 19th meeting 
  2. FCPS School Board candidate introductions
  3. Treasurer’s monthly report
  4. Discussion of increasing student scholarship grants for June 2019
  5. Update on events
  6. Principal’s report
  7. Presentation of slate of candidates for 2019-20 PTSA Board
  8. Other new business
  9. Announcements

Fecha:   9 de abril de 2019 

Hora:     de 7:00pm a 8:30pm

Lugar:   afetería de Justice High School


          1. Aprovar los minutos de las reuniones del 19 de febrero & del 19 de marzo    

         2. Presentaciones del candidato de la Junta Escolar

         3. Informe mensual del Tesorero

         4. Discusión sobre el aumento de las becas para estudiantes para junio de 2019.

         5. Actualizacion de eventos

         6. Informe del Director

         7. Presentación de la lista de candidatos para el Consejo PTSA 2019-20

         8. Otros negocios nuevos 

         9. Anuncios 


Meeting dates for 2019 (meetings are held from 7:00pm-8:30pm):

  • May 21st (library)
  • June 11th (cafeteria)

Jodi Callahan


Justice HS PTSA




There are five ways to become informed about all things Justice HS PTSA:

1. Visit our website, which you are doing right now.

2. Sign up for the weekly PTSA online newsletter: Subscribe to the PTSA online newsletter via FCPS’s News You Choose. Go to Justice’s homepage at  At the bottom, where it says “Stay updated with what's happening at Justice High School with News You Choose,” click on Sign Up Now.    

3. If you are a PTSA member, you will receive occasional email announcements.

4. Sign up for the JusticeHSParents Yahoo! Groups' listserv:  To join, search for "JusticeHSParents" from your Yahoo! Groups' homepage, or send an email to  If you need help getting started, please send an email to for specific instructions.     

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