Grants Program Update March 4, 2020

The PTSA Grants Committee has awarded six grants during Funding Round 2, totaling over $1,600 for this round and almost $3500 for the 2019-2020 school year. We greatly appreciate our applicants’ creativity in designing projects, programs, and meaningful tools or spaces to inspire and enrich learning! Grant recipients during Funding Round 2 are: Rose Ballard, Victoria Lisle, Lynn Lunger, Ariel Miller, Megan Neforos, and Sharon Ponton.

Funding Round 2 grants supported a wide range of students and a broad mix of activities, including:

· Staff development and opportunity to present at a national conference 

· Outdoor space for all to connect with nature for learning or a calming environment

· Leadership development among our athletes

· Modeling materials and hands-on tools to bring abstract concepts to life

· Materials to support English Language Learners in applying math content strategies (and practice English language skills) as part of a service project

· Supplies to nourish and encourage participants in Regional Science Fair competition

Completion of Funding Round 2 also marks the end of the Grants Program for 2019-2020 school year. 

Per the program rules, the Student Activities Fund will continue to consider requests for funds on a rolling basis. We’ll evaluate requests as they are received through 31 May 2020, or until funds are exhausted. To date, we’ve committed funding for three ongoing student activities – AVID college field trips, Science Olympiad team competition, and Cadence Art & Literary Magazine.

The PTSA Grants Committee is grateful to all PTSA members and donors, whose contributions make it possible for us to support learning via these grants.

Program Details

Pleased to announce the return of the Justice HS PTSA Teacher/Staff Grant Program!

This year, the Justice HS PTSA has proposed a budget of $4,000 to award grants of up to $300 each to teachers and staff. Our grants are intended to enrich student, faculty, and staff learning – generally, by funding materials, programs, tools, transportation, etc. that cannot be funded from the school budget or by other booster or sponsoring organizations. We hope to encourage new ideas and one-time funding in support of student learning.

We’ll award grants twice this school year:

o Funding Period 1: Within the first quarter of the school year

o Funding Period 2: Early in the third quarter of the school year

We are now accepting applications for awards distributed during Funding Period 2. Application Deadline: February 18, 2020. We'll award these early in the third quarter of the school year. Download details of the program process and the application below.

Requestors must be members of the PTSA. All applications require principal approval. Send your completed applications and principal approval via email to:

Questions? Email Grants Committee Chair, Tara Rethore at

Back by popular demand: Student Activities Fund!
For the second year, the Justice HS PTSA will support student activities or programs that occur annually (e.g. AVID college field trips, production of Cadence Art & Literary Magazine, academic team competitions) via the Student Activities Fund. For 2019-20, the Justice HS PTSA Executive Board has budgeted up to $1500 for recurring student activities, (in addition to the grant budget). That additional funding allows us to support activities or programs that need funding regularly (e.g. for registration fees, materials, or transportation) and do not have other organizations (school budget, boosters, sponsors, etc.) that support them financially. 

To accommodate competition schedules and unexpected expenses, we’ll award Student Activities funds on a rolling basis throughout the year, until our budgeted funds are exhausted. At this time, approximately  $650 remains in the Student Activities Fund budget. A student activity may receive funding once each school year, up to a maximum of $300.

For 2019-20, the Grants Committee will administer the Student Activities funds in addition to our traditional grant program. Programs qualifying for Student Activities funds will no longer be eligible, nor required to apply, for grant funding via the traditional grant process. Instead, staff sponsors for the activity simply email: with a brief explanation of what’s needed for the program or activity. The Grants Committee will verify eligibility for this funding rather than a traditional grant. After that, staff sponsor submits a reimbursement request with attendant receipts.

Questions? Email Grants Committee Chair, Tara Rethore at