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Program Details


The Justice HS PTSA Teacher/Staff Grant Program:

The Justice HS PTSA has allocated up to $2,300 to award grants of up to $300 each to teachers and staff during our second round of funding. Our grants are intended to enrich student, faculty, and staff learning – generally, by funding materials, programs, tools, transportation, etc. that cannot be funded from the school budget or by other booster or sponsoring organizations.

Details  of the program's process and application from the files below. 

Requestors must be members of the PTSA. All applications require principal approval. Send your completed applications and principal approval via email to: grants@justicehsptsa.org

Questions? Email Grants Committee Chair Tara Rethore at grants@justicehsptsa.org

NEW THIS YEAR: Student Activities Fund!
In recent years, the Justice HS PTSA has contributed grant funding to student activities or programs that occur annually (e.g., AVID college field trips, production of Cadence Art & Literary Magazine, academic team competitions). We want to continue supporting these programs, while also encouraging new ideas and one-time funding in support of student learning. Thus, for 2018-19, the PTSA Executive Board has budgeted up to $1,500* for recurring student activities (in addition to the grant budget). That additional funding allows us to support activities or programs that need funding regularly (e.g., for registration fees, materials, or transportation) and do not have other organizations (school budget, boosters, sponsors, etc.) that support them financially. 

To accommodate competition schedules and unexpected expenses, we’ll award Student Activities funds on a rolling basis throughout the year, until our budgeted funds are exhausted. A student activity may receive funding once each school year, up to a maximum of $300.

For 2018-19, the Grant Committee will administer the Student Activities funds in addition to our traditional grant program. Programs qualifying for Student Activities funds will no longer be eligible, nor required to apply, for grant funding via the student grant process. Instead, staff sponsors for the activity simply email: grants@justicehsptsa.org with a brief explanation of what’s needed for the program or activity. The Grants Committee will verify eligibility for this funding rather than a traditional grant. After that, staff sponsor submits a reimbursement request with attendant receipts. Please note: Staff sponsors must be PTSA members.  Join at the "STORE" tab.

Questions? Email Grants Committee Chair Tara Rethore at grants@justicehsptsa.org